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Guest Blog: Rachelle Justus' Tanning Tips and Tricks

Read on to find out Rachelle Justus' tips and tricks for self tanning!

Who doesn’t love to be tan, especially all year around?! As nice as it is, it is a cost. So how do you make your tan last even longer? Prepping your skin before applying your tanning mousse is KEY to prolonging your tan! Here are four tips to enhance your tan’s lifespan:

       Start with exfoliation of your skin

My favorite way to prep my skin is by first taking a long hot shower and exfoliating my entire body. Exfoliating is the most important step to getting a clean, even and smooth tan. Failing to exfoliate before self-tanning can result in an uneven, blotchy tan. Use a loofah or any other exfoliating tool and scrub your entire body in circular motions. Pay special attention the “trouble” areas, such as your elbows, knees, and wrists.  I recommend using a gentle body wash and not one packed with harsh ingredients.

Pro tip:Avoid moisturizing body washes as they can leave a layer of film on your skin which doesn’t allow the tanner to soak in properly. I recommend Dove’s sensitive skin body wash.

       What if I need to shave?

When it comes to hair removal, you should shave the day before or (at the latest) the morning before you apply your self-tanner. After you shave, your pores are wide open, and this might cause little dots on your legs, which is why it’s important to allow a few hours in between. However, you don’t have to shave before you apply your tanning mousse, but if you plan on shaving afterwards it can take off some of the tan, so I always recommend shaving in preparation for maintaining the best and longest lasting tan.

Pro tip: If you do plan on shaving right before applying your tan, just make sure to exfoliate afterwards to rub off any film leftover from the shaving cream or razor.

       Should I apply lotion?

Once you’ve showered and exfoliated, I recommend drying off and letting your skin cool off for a few minutes.Do not apply any lotions, creams, or oils to your face or the rest of your body. You want a clean slate to apply your tan to. However, there is one exception to applying lotions: If desired, you can apply a tiny bit of barrier cream (lotion) to your knees, elbows, heels, or wrists. These areas tend to really soak up the tan and can make these spots appear super dark—darker than the rest of your skin.

Pro tip:Applying a tiny bit of lotion to those areas (knees, elbows, heels, or wrists) can help create a more faded/blended look which I prefer.

       When is the best time to apply my sunless tan to make it last?

Tanning at night before bed is my absolute favorite! The reason is so I can sleep in my tan and let it process for the full 6-8 hours as GlowPro Tan experts recommend. Sleeping in your tan while it develops is also a great way to avoid splashing water on your tan and ruining it! You also don’t have to go out in public looking crazy with your tan, wearing baggy clothes, and no makeup. WIN-WIN!

Pro tip:Sleep in loose dark clothing to avoid any color transfer from the instant bronzer.

So, we can all agree that being tan is just goals, but what’s even better is helping that tan last by preparing our skin before applying the tanning mousse. Follow these four tips and share your pictures with us on IG! Follow us at@glowprotans and @rachelle