14% DHA Mousse still available in Value Packages


Tanning Mousse: New and Improved!

Not to be cliché, but there’s always room for improvement. With a boss mindset of always wanting to be better, we’ve been working over the last four months to redesign our signature mousses and came up with a new tanning formula! But that’s not all... The overall goal is to improve the performance AND user experience of our bronze enablers with our highest priority in mind: you! Because we are committed to putting out the best product we can and continuing to evolve with the beauty industry, we wanted to be transparent with you all. Below are some upgrades that will keep GlowPro Tans tanning mousses at the top of the tanning game!

1. The shelf life has been extended.
If you like to stock up ensuring you always have a backup product in your bathroom cabinet, this one's for you. The new tanning formula has a shelf life that lasts at least nine months. (That’s an increase of three months from the previous tanning mousse formula!) This will alleviate the too-soon-to-be-true oxidation of the tanning mousse!
2. The new tanning formula’s ingredients are even greener.
It’s all about that natural, not orange, sunless tan, are we right?! So, it just seemed obvious to make a few adjustments of what our tanning mousses consisted of. Therefore, we swapped ingredients for more natural options and plant extracts. Yes! Not only is it better for the environment, it’s better for that thing we wear every single day, our skin! Not to mention, our independent EWG Skin Deep rating has improved from a 5 to a 3! *hugs a tree* 

3. The bronze stays on you, not your clothes!
Raise your hand if you want to be multi-colored after applying a sunless tan! No one should have his or her hand up right now… The reason we bring this up is because instant bronzer acts as a color guide so you can see where you're applying the product and not miss any spots—avoiding a leopard look. *MEOW* There is a downside, though. Instant bronzer is meant to help up, but also it is what is more likely to transfer onto your light-colored clothing. The new tanning formula has even less instant bronzer tint to avoid any rub off, yet still develops into the same deep tan! (We’ll chalk that up for a win!)

4. Your pump does its job better. (Your TANNING mousse pump, c’mon guys!)
Listen, we get it. Things can break or not function the way we imagine them to. HOWEVER, we improved our PET bottle to be a more durable foaming pump that is less likely to clog. What makes beauty and being tan even better? Functionality! But this doesn’t make the new tanning mousses indestructible, so we still recommend that you store GlowPro bottles standing up right.
And that’s the upgrades in a nutshell! Our new tanning formulas allow you to always have back up on hand to maintain that glow all year long while keeping the environment and your skin top of mind, also enabling you to have an even tan without your lighter clothing also participating in the sunless tan game with new and improved dispensing! What could make this any better?! I’m sure we’ll think of something… Like we said, there’s always room for improvement!