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Before there were snapchat filters, there were spray tans. A tan evens your skin tone, blurs imperfections, and makes you appear thinner and healthier; it's the best and easiest accessory.

In college, I went as far as buying my own professional airbrush machine and learned to spray myself... yes, you read that right! That was when I became familiar with the difference of professional formulas and learned about the importance of DHA- the active in ingredient in all sunless tanners.

After a few months of cleaning and maintaining a bulky piece of equipment, the novelty wore off and I started looking for a 14% DHA consumer tanning lotion or mousse to match my airbrush formula. I found out that no companies listed this information on their website or would even disclose it when I emailed customer service. I decided if I wanted this product, other people might too and I started looking for manufacturers to create my own.

Glow Pro Tans was born.


 GlowPro makes professional strength tanning formulas engineered with the same ingredients as spray tans but packaged for at-home use in an easy to apply mousse. GlowPro formulas are up to 4x stronger than regular over-the-counter tanning products and are designed to give to you your deepest, tan conveniently and affordably!

I believe in empowered tanning where you are always informed DHA %. During my initial consultations with product development scientists, I learned that most consumer tanners have 3-8% DHA. So no wonder I wasn't getting as dark as I wanted!

I decided to get rid of the ambiguous "light/medium/dark" branding that has ruled sunless tanning for so many years and create a product for beauty gurus who demand the highest performance from their products. I am continually blown away by all the love and support GlowPro receives and thrilled to continue creating top quality products! 

-Julie K


DHA, short for Dihydroxy acetone, is a sugar derivative and is the active ingredient in sunless tanning formulas. Over the next few hours (developing begins around hour 2 and peaks at 8-12 hours but can continue for 24 hours). DHA interacts with the amino acids on the skin’s surface to create the bronzing/browning/darkening effect that replicates a sun tan. 

The depth/darkness of the tan correlates directly to the DHA concentration of the product. More DHA=Darker tan. Scientists have determined the maximum amount of a DHA the skin can absorb at one time is 14-15%. Anything over this is just going to sit on the skin and not be absorbed. 10% DHA is the most common solution used in spray tan salons and is very versatile and flattering to most skin tones. 14% DHA is for the serious tanner who wants to achieve their darkest tan. For comparison, drugstore tanners will only contain 3-8% DHA.

DHA is the main factor in a product's color delivery, but depth and intensity of tan will also depend on the user’s own natural melanin content and skin thickness. Where the skin is thick ( elbows, knees) the tan will be more intense, verse where the skin is thinner (face) the tan will be lighter.

GlowPro products also contain a secondary, more premium (expensive) tanning ingredient, called erythrulose that is also a sugar derivative but has more of a red-tone and develops later than DHA (48-72 hours).

Erythruolse combats orange-tones, streaking, and provides a smoother fade than product that only use DHA. It also helps the tan last longer because it starts working as the DHA starts fading.

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