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Tricks of the Trade: Tanning Your Face

Tanning your face is scary for a lot of people.... like uh, it's your face. There's no hiding it if things go wrong. Below are answers to some of your most pressing questions about tanning your face.

Can I use the same tanner on my face as I do on my body?

It Depends. If you have normal, blemish-free skin with no dry patches or rough spots, go for it. If you have sensitive skin or any of the above mentioned conditions, you'll want to use GlowPro's facial serum ($25). The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate and you'll want to use a formula suited for that. The mousse will be more drying and cling to any imperfections.

Will I get acne?

Nope. Neither of or mousse or serum formulas will clog your pores. We do not recommend using GlowPro's lotion on your face.

What if I already have acne or skin problems?

You'll want to use a product designed specifically for the face. Exfoliating really well beforehand is essential as well as making sure you're not applying product to any areas with broken skin. If you're seeing a dermatologist, 

Can I still use my regular face products after?

Yes! You absolutely should continue to tend to your skin with moisturizers, serums and exfoliants and all the good things. But be aware that these products will most likely have ingredients that will make your tan fade faster because they're promoting skin cell turnover and self tanner is only adhered to the outermost layer of your skin. So you'll find you have to apply your facial tanner more frequently than your body tanner but it's well worth it for healthy skin. 

What do I use to apply tanner to my face?

This will ultimately come down to personal preference. I am a huge fan of using a kabuki brush  ($7) and think it looks the most natural and gives me the most even coverage. You can also use the same tanning mitt ($10) you use on your body. Or you can use a regular makeup sponge or various synthetic bristle makeup brushes. As always, fingers aren't recommended because our products are professional strength and will stain your hands.