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Is Tan Extending Lotion Right For Me?

Winter is coming--- along with dry skin, long sleeves, and pale expectations. GlowPro's Tan Extending Lotion comes in clutch to serve your skin's hydration needs while giving you a bronze glow and a super simple application. Beyond the obvious product highlight of extending the life of your tanning mousse application, the Tan Extending lotion is lightweight, fragrance free and does not contain instant bronzer so there is no risk of color transfer which is a huge plus, especially if you want to apply and run out the door. Below are some common instances where you'll find GlowPro's Tan Extending Lotion ($25) to be worth it's weight in gold. 

You're a heavy sweater or take multiple showers

Anytime your skin comes in conctact with water, it loosens the dead skin cells on the surface and breaks down the tan. GlowPro's Tan Extending Lotion is an easy way to keep up with this frequent exfoliation.

You want a color boost and don't have the time or attention to detail for a full strength tan

Our Tan Extending Lotion has 6% DHA which is an average concentration for drugstore sunless tanning formulas. Because there is less DHA, there is less room for error (streaking, splotches) and it requires less attention to detail. You can apply it by hand the same as any other body lotion.

You have dry skin and want a moisturizing formula

Mousse formulas penetrate the skin the best but they are the least hydrating carrier for self tanner. If you're suffering from dry skin, do yourself a favor and switch to an emollient formula like a lotion to give your skin the TLC it needs.

GlowPro's Tan Extending Lotion is also available to be purchased as a set in our discounted packages.