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NEW! How to Use SoulShine 40% DHA Tanning Drops!

Do you want to be a bronze goddess (who doesn't?!) but have sensitive skin OR have a skincare routine you refuse to part with? We get it. And because of that, we now have a sunless tanning solution for you! *Enter our SoulShine Tanning Drops*

No joke, these tanning drops are going to be your holy grail! But what are these magic self tan drops? Glad you asked. It's sunshine in a bottle! This formula isn't the normal 10 or 14 percent DHA, oh no, this sunless tanner is 40% DHA! It's a super concentrated self tanner that you can mix into your favorite body lotion or facial moisturizer to give you a completely customized tan. The reason we're saying it's customizable is because it's up to you how many drops you add. More Drops = Darker Tan. 

And, yes, you heard me right, these tanning drops do double duty and turn YOUR skincare products into a self tanner for your face and body. As with all GlowPro Tans products, these tanning drops are professional strength but don't let the high DHA concentration scare you; because they're are being mixed with an emollient (moisturizer), they'll be diluted and blendable, making them perfect for turning products into a gradual tanner or using them as color boost to your regular tanning mousse application.


You can mix these drops into almost any of your current face or body products but aim for simple lotions like Hempz that are non-oily with low alcohol content. If you're applying any acidic serums to your skin, do that on the days you don't tan or expect for them to lessen the color. 


More drops = More color. 1-3 drops is a good average for your face and expect 3-5 drops per body part with lotion. We recommend pumping the moisturizer into hand and then dispensing the drops on top of that, then working them together. 


As with other self tanners, you'll want to give this 6-8 hours to develop before coming in contact with water (shower, pool, heavy sweating). The longer you leave it on, the deeper the color will develop. 

We always believe your skin health should come first. Unlike other tanning company's, GlowPro will never suggest you skip exfoliation or other fortifying ingredients that promote cell turnover. While it's true that they will cut the life of your tan shorter, your tan is only as good as your skin health and it should never be compromised. There is enough glow to go around!

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