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Tanning Myths Debunked

There are a lot of things people/brands will tell you to do to preserve your sunless tanner. Some are true, some are unrealistic, and some are just plain bad advice. Below are some of the craziest things I've heard about spray tans!

Do not apply oils, fragrance, exfoliants anti-acne or anti-aging products

RYFKM? It is true that fragrances and oils can degrade self tanner. But skip exfoliating, leave your face full of zits and let wrinkles set it? Hell no! Your skin is the largest organ on your body and you should be hydrating, exfoliating, and treating it while you tan it, especially your face. We're self tanning to avoid wrinkles from the sun so why the heck would we not keep riding the skin care train.You will have to tan more frequently but you'll thank yourself later. GlowPro Facial Tanning Serum is super gentle and the bottles are huge. For $25 you get 9 months worth of facial tanning so you have no excuse to not be taking care of your skin. Never let your skin care suffer in favor of your tanner!


There should be a cloud of baby powder around you afterwards or you didn't put on enough

Will putting baby powder under your pits and back of your legs on a hot day help your tan from possible running? Yes. Are you a swamp monster who can't stop sweating and has a trail of perspiration behind you? Probably not. If it's a hot summer day and you think some boob sweat might be coming, sure, dust some baby powder under there. But the real answer- tan at night in the cool, comfort of your own home and rinse off before you start your day. DHA + sweat + baby powder is a recipe for a crusty, smelly, mess. 

*Baby powder is great to use a barrier for areas of high friction (like armpits) if you're wearing a light color and want to avoid transfer. This is especially useful for bridal events when you're wearing expensive white dresses!


Just frolic sexily in the ocean or pose on the side of the pool

So, this is a really good tip if you hate fun and don't want to enjoy the vacation you just spent a ton of money on! Yes, chlorine will degrade your tan. Yes, sand will exfoliate your skin (thereby removing the tanned cells). What is the point of looking great on vacation if you can't enjoy it. Throw our Tan Extending Body Lotion in your bag and recoup what you lost if you're absolutely addicted to being at your optimal tan.

Bottom line- your self tanner should be part of your life, not run it. Show that b*tch who's boss!