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How to Self Tan Before Vacation

Do you want to get a spray tan before your beach vacation so you can show-up tan?! Are you wondering what self tanner will hold up to sun and sweat and the beach/pool? I know you want to save your skin from sun damage but get that beachy look, so stick with me while I break down how to prepare for your tan, make it last on vacation, and trouble-shoot any issues.

Step 1: SCRUB
You’ll need a really good exfoliating scrub and brush. You’re going to scrub your skin so well, you’ll feel like a new woman! Make sure to especially hit those “tougher” areas like your knees, ankles, and elbows, as they can be super dry. You want a fresh layer of skin so your tan fully absorbs and last longer!

I always recommend tanning two days before your event/trip, JUST in case you need to do touch ups or want time to apply another layer to darken the tan. Apply a light layer of lotion especially to elbows, knees, hands & feet as a barrier so those areas don’t get too dark. Then, you’ll apply your full body and face sunless tanner as normal. Make sure to really blend and buff well, or you’ll end up with those awful patches!

This is the most important part: While you’re on vacation, you’ll need to keep your skin SUPER hydrated with lotion. I suggest keeping a small bottle of lotion in your beach or pool bag. If you’re in-and-out of the pool or ocean, your skin is bound to lose moisture but keeping lotion on hand will ensure that you minimize the dryness and will help preserve your tan longer! If your skin gets too dry and exfoliates unevenly, your tan will come off patchy and you’ll have an uneven tan. If you want the best of both worlds, try GlowPro Tan Extending Lotion, which will hydrate and boost your color.

Step 4: TOUCH-UP
Finally, you want to make sure you have your Self Tanning Mousse on-hand to do some touch-ups. These will be super quick and can be done right before bed so you can sleep, then rinse off in the morning! Just hit those areas that look like they’re starting to fade, with a quick layer of mousse or Tan Extending Lotion and you’ll be good to go by morning. If you experience any patchiness, spot treat the area with the mousse.

Remember, to always wear sunscreen!  I'm begging you, if nothing else, to put SPF 50 and Tanning Drops on your face to save it from UVA/B damage. Sun damage slows the rate at which skin cells turn over or replace themselves. This causes dull, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and even blemishes. Enjoy the vacation-glow and skip the wrinkles with the tips above!

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