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    How To Choose the Best Self Tanner For Your Face

    • 3 min read

    Before you get into the techniques for tanning your face, you need to make sure you're using right product for your skin type.

    Are you a good candidate for tanning your face?

    It comes down to your skin type. Do you have normal, oily, or dry skin? What about acne? Let’s break it down:

    • If you havenormal to oily skin types, this is your time to shine (literally). You are thebest candidate for tanning your face with self tanner.
    • Dry skin friends, you might be taking the L here. Dryness is the #1 enemy of self tanner. The reason is because dry skin pulls more color when you use self tanner on your face and instead of just dry patches of skin…. you have dark, discolored, dry patches. Yuck! Unfortunately, applying self tanner to your face is not your best option to tan your face, but we have some preparation tips below to help you combat this!
    • If you’re having abreakout or spotty acne, you’re not disqualified from tanning your face with self tanner—But you’re in the warning zone. Self tanner should NOT be applied to broken or flakey skin, but if you have a few blemishes that you’ve resisted picking at, keep reading—You’re still in the game.

    What tanner works for your skin type?

    Because everyone’s skin is different we want to help you select the best self tanner to help you successfully match your face to the rest of your tan on your body. Below you’ll find our recs: 

    • Normal Skin Divas
      • Dealer’s choice! You’ll do fine with almost any product. However, GlowPro Tans’Facial Tanning Serum is a safe bet to start with if you’re unsure.  
    • Oily Skin GFs
    • Dry Hunnies
      • If you have any dry or flakey patches on your face, pre-treat them with a thick moisturizer prior to tanning. This isn’t guaranteed to prevent color pulling but this could be your only shot at limiting it.Pro tip:If you have general dryness, mix 1-2 drops of GlowPro Tans’40% DHA Tanning Drops into your night cream. Tanning drops are your best friend here because they’re buildable so smart small, see how your skin reacts, and see if you can work up to the number of drops/color you’re looking for. 
    • Sensitive/Acne Prone Ladies
      • Only consider tanning your face with our 40% DHA Tanning Drops. These are combined into your normal skincare routine and work with your trusted products. 

    How do you make your self tanner face tan last?

    You don’t, really. But hear me out—You take good care of your skin with good cleansers and exfoliants, right? Those promote cell turnover, which means the outer skin cells on your face that your tan has developed on are shedding quicker, so you’ll need to apply your face tanner more often.

    In the long run, you’ll be happy you didn’t compromise your skin care routine for an extra two days of tan—especially on your face. If you really want to maintain a certain color all week, you’re going to need to use our 40% DHA Tanning Drops since those can be applied daily.   

    To keep it looking natural, remember that your face is naturally 2-3 shades lighter than your body, so aim for a lighter color on your face. As with all tanning, blending is your best friend. Feather the tanner out onto your ears, down your neck, and into your hairline for a natural fade on your face.

    Curious about other GlowPro Tans products?

    We make professional strength tanning formulas engineered with the same ingredients as spray tans but packages for at-home use in an easy to apply tanning mousse. Our formulas are up to four times stronger than regular over-the-counter tanning products and are destined to give you your deepest, tan conveniently and affordably! Check out all ofGlowPro Tans products today!