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How to Fix a Patchy Tan

How self tanner fades is unique to each person and a tan fading patchy is the result of skin cells turning over at different rates. The main thing to look at is, is your tan mostly fading with a few tan patches holding on? Or are you getting a few pale patches prematurely among otherwise tan skin? The first requires more exfoliation at the end-stage of the tan while the latter requires better exfoliation prior to tanning. If you have a 50/50 mix, you need to choose a lighter color, check your body products for heavy oils, or switch the carrier agent of your self tanner (example: from a mousse to a lotion).

While it is uncommon for GlowPro users to complain of patchy fading, our customer base is almost exclusively self tanner pros. Our cult favorite self tanners are a mousse formula which do include skin nourishing additives, but are still a very low-moisture carrier agent (similar to a spray tan mist) to allow for maximum DHA/color absorption. Our DHA concentrations are also professional-grade and the darker your tan, the more noticeable fading can be.  

4 things that will prevent a patchy tan
    1. Exfoliate well prior to start with the freshest skin possible
    2. Only apply once a week. Layering new tan on top of old tan will cause build up.
    3. Gently exfoliate on a regular basis.
    4. Use an Exfoliation Glove to spot treat any dark areas
    If you have issues with fading, I would suggest a lower DHA in a lotion formula like our 6% DHA Tan Extending Lotion if you have naturally dry skin and experience frequent patchy fading. Otherwise, try the 10% DHA Tanning Mousse.