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How Do You Use Self Tan Drops?

Self tanning drops are one of the most innovative beauty products- and for good reason. They give skin a sun-kissed, bronze appearance that evens out your skin tone and replaces the need for sheer foundation for a lot of people. GlowPro Tanning drops are renowned for their gentle formula that accommodates even the most sensitive facial skin, but tanning drops can also be used to turn a regular body lotion into a gradual tanner. Self tan drops are a DHA (active tanning ingredient) concentrate and come in dropper bottle. You get to customize the depth of the tan by adding more/less drops into your moisturizer. 

How do I apply tanning drops?
Pump your moisturizer into the center of the palm of your hand or you can use a separate, empty container if you’re cautious, add your desired number of drops, then mix them together. The drops will add volume to your moisturizer so you want to use slightly less than you normally would. Gently, rub the mixture into your skin as you would your normal lotion. Wash your hands immediately after with soap and water to avoid staining. 

How many tanning drops do I use?
Tanning drops have different concentrations. For some brands this might be light/medium/dark or for professional brands, it’s a DHA percentage. For GlowPro Tans 40% DHA Drops, to tan your face, start with adding 2 tanning drops to your moisturizer. If you normally rub your moisturizer onto your neck, do the 3 drops. As you get more comfortable with this tanning method, add more/less drops.

To tan your arms, I suggest using 3-4 drops and about 5-6 for legs. Working per arm/leg will make the mixing more manageable and consistent. 

How long does it take for tanning drops to work?
DHA begins to develop in 1-2 hours and will continue to develop up to 10 hours. Avoid contact with water or excessive sweating for at least 6 hours to prevent streaking. 

How often do you use tanning drops on your face?
You have to tan your face more often than the rest of your body because the skin on your face is thinner and a good skincare routine encourages quicker cell turnover. Expect to add a few drops into your moisturizer every 3-5 days to maintain your glow! 

Can I use tanning drops under makeup?
Yes, absolutely! You may notice a slight shift in color of your foundation in the beginning verse end of the day depending on how much coverage you like from your makeup but it should blend pretty fluidly. 

How long does it take for tanning drops to dry?
Just a few minutes after applying!

Do you have to wash/rinse off tanning drops?
No. Most tanning drops are a clear formula and do not require rinsing off any instant bronzer, like tanning mousses and lotions. Wash your face/body on your regular schedule after applying tanning drops.

How long does a bottle of tanning drops last?
This is completely dependent on if you’re using them for your whole body or just your face. Anywhere from 3-10 months is usual to go through a bottle of GlowPro’s 1 oz bottle.

How long after tanning drops can I shower?
You should be showering prior to applying the product to give yourself water-free time to let the tan develop. Wait a minimum of 6 hours to shower, ideally 8 hours.

What tanning drops are best for your skin?
GlowPro 40% DHA SoulShine Tanning Drops are less messy than other brands because their slightly thicker formula. They are also free of irritating fragrances and dyes, which makes them ideal for even the most sensitive skin.