Does self tanner cover stretch marks?

Let’s face it, big or small, we all have stretch marks somewhere. But the big question is..... Will self-tanner hide your stretch marks?

The short answer is -kind of. While self-tanner can help even out your skin tone, stretch marks are more of a textural change to your skin so the tan won’t absorb as much in the areas where your skin is lighter and the textured lines are. There is a wide gambit of stretch marks and the thin, white/silver-y ones will be easier to hide than deep scars or fresh red/purple marks which will be very difficult to conceal.

The best self tanner to use to cover stretch marks is a professional grade tanning mousse with medium to high DHA concentration. Avoid lotions or creamy formulas which won't absorb as well. When applying the mousse, do a double coat over the affected area(s) and rub in extra with a tanning mitt to make sure you're working the tanner into the stretch marks. 

All skin-types are unique and can react differently, so we recommend doing a spot test on areas in order to really know how well a spray tan will conceal your stretch marks!