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Pre-Tan Exfoliating Glove

Out with the old... tanner build up! This exfoliating glove removes any previous tan build up and dry, dead skin to prep your canvas for your next tanning session. The fabric is designed to hit that sweet spot between being coarse enough to provide thorough exfoliation and light enough to not damage your skin barrier. Adding this to your skin prep will help your GlowPro products go on smoother and last longer (!!!).

Bonus* Tanning mishap? You can also use the glove to spot-treat any patchy areas and even out your tan.

    How To:

      1. Give your skin 5+ minutes to soften in the shower prior to use. 
      2. Put on the glove, wet and add body wash.
      3. Rub the glove on your skin in circular motions or long, firm strokes. 
      4. Go over your entire body then rinse off well.
      5. Wait at least 10 mins after your shower for your skin to cool before applying GlowPro Tans. 

      Rinse after use. Air dry.

      Customer Reviews

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      A MUST have!!!

      I LOVE this exfoliating mitt! It really is a must have item for those avid tanners or anyone looking to soften, brighten and freshen their skin. It’s the perfect amount of roughness that will remove old tanner/dead skin without any irritation. After using this mitt, I KNOW my tanning mousse will go on smoother than ever! Also, I will add it is super easy to clean.