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Self Tanner Starter Kit

Get your glow on with our full-body self tanning essentials! Choose from our 10 or 14% DHA Professional Grade Tanning Mousse and apply with our soft, thick, Deluxe Applicator Mitt for a streak-free, even tan while protecting your hands. Top off your tan with our 40% DHA SoulShine Tanning Drops that can be added to your regular moisturizer to tan your face or to any body lotions for a color boost. All products in this collection are free of fragrance, sulfates, parabens and, of course, cruelty free.




Who Should Buy It?
Are you just starting out in sunless tanning and looking to get the most bang for your buck? This kit gives you everything to need with our most versatile products that can be used head to toe.
The GlowPro Difference
Our tanning mousses contain a secondary, premium tanning ingredient called erythrulose that counteracts orange-tones and prolongs the life of the tan. They also contains an instant bronzer to guide your application and help you create a flawless, streak-free tan. Although the developed tan is a tropical glow, we intentionally designed the instant bronzer to be light to reduce the risk of transfer onto fabric.
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Ingredients/ Shelf Life
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DHA: 14% DHA
Purchase Options
Delivery Frequency- 2 cycle minimum

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Jane Shealy
Excellent Products

I love this self tanner better than any I have ever used! Over the past 15 years I have used many different brands, but this brand really is the best! It doesn’t have an odor and it is a great natural color. I am so happy I found Glow Pro Tans!

ugenia galviz
Great color

I’ve used a ton of self tanners in the past they all go on dark but the minute you shower the bronze color you thought you had runs down the drain. This one is easy to use and the smell isn’t as strong as others. The color lasts a long time on me at least and oven has some difficulty with removal for my next tanner application. I’d give this tanner a 9.5/10



Amy K.
Natural glow!

This is my first time using/purchasing a self-tanner and I am highly impressed with the way the tan develops so beautifully, naturally, and non-streaky. I have alway been hesitant to purchase self-tanner because I’m afraid of being stuck with a big bottle of tanner that makes me look orange. However, this product is on-point with developing an amazing, glowy bronze. None of the tanner gets “clumped up” in any creases of my skin, which was also a prior concern of mine (I typically wear a looser sweatshirt and joggers after applying the tanner). I was debating on purchasing the kit that includes the DHA tanning drops, but I am SO glad I added them to my order. They are really beneficial to have since I feel like my tan fades quicker on my face, so I love that I have the option to add a couple of drops to my daily facial moisturizer and it gives an instant glow. As I said, I’ve never used or purchased self-tanner before this, and as a first-timer it’s very easy to use/apply and it comes with simple instructions. I read many of the reviews before making this purchase, and I am here to say this product can be trusted and I highly recommend it!

Aimee Fabbri

This self tanner is 5 stars! I have used a lot of different self tanner brands and this one is by far my favorite. It applies easy. It has a bronze color so you know where you have applied it. It dries very fast and doesn't rub off on my clothes or sheets. It has a very faint smell not over powering like most self tanners. The color is perfect! It is a nice golden color and not orange at all.