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    Total Tanning Package

    This package comes with the biggest savings and everything you need to be tan from head-to-toe! Choose from our 10 or 14% DHA Professional Grade Self Tanning Mousse and apply with our soft, thick, Deluxe Applicator Mitt for a streak-free, even tan while protecting your hands. We take the scaries away from tanning your face with our gentle 8% DHA facial serum that is designed to replicate the natural tonal variance between your body and face. Quickly touch-up your tan and add up to a week of longevity with our Tan Extending Body Lotion. All products in this collection are free of fragrance, sulfates, parabens and, of course, cruelty free.


    For the girl who needs everything, this package is stocked with a product for all your tanning needs. Tanning junkies love it because it takes care of their every need while novices praise it because it takes the guesswork out of the trickier areas to tan like your face and hands.

    Our sunless tanning mousses contain a secondary, premium tanning ingredient called erythrulose that counteracts orange-tones and prolongs the life of the tan. They also contains an instant bronzer to guide your application and help you create a flawless, streak-free tan. Although the developed tan is a tropical glow, we intentionally designed the instant bronzer to be light to reduce the risk of transfer onto fabric.

    Tanning Mousse (your choice of DHA %) 6% DHA Tan Extending Body Lotion 8% DHA Facial Tanning Serum Deluxe Applicator Mitt

    Need Help Choosing your color? Checkout our formula guide


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Didn’t live up to the Hype

    First off, when I received my package the product had spilled everywhere, so I started with open product. Customer service said they wouldn’t consider a return unless at least 50% had leaked. How am I supposed to know the percentage of product lost? And why does it have to be so much in order to receive what I paid for? I don’t have time to argue with customer service so I tried it out.
    I’ve been self-tanning and professionally spray tanning ever since I can remember. Application was pretty standard, but fading process was horrible. It looks blotchy and I was extremely itchy just 2 days after applying, and got a rash on my chest. I exfoliated and moisturized a lot, but the product is very unforgiving.

    - standard self tan application
    - color can be nice and tan
    - tan guide is subtle, doesn’t seem to stain clothes
    - no smell
    - dries fast

    - color fades to ORANGE
    - face tan product is unusable, horrible tan results
    - not many uses in bottles
    - fading process is blotchy and itchy
    - lasts for about 2 days before showing obvious signs of self-tanning, exfoliating also further reveals splotches
    - customer service unhelpful, no returns

    I will say my favorite aspects were the color guide, no smell, and fast drying, but it is not enough to make up for the main aspects which make it a pain to deal with. Looks ok in pictures but in person can be super obvious.

    Emily Geisler

    Total Tanning Package

    Courtney Michael
    Average self-tanner

    I have tried most self-tanners on the market, I found this did not absorb well and color was not even. Would not purchase again. Loving Tans is superior.

    Lynn Calvert
    Tanning lotion

    Tan is perfect!

    Nancy McNally
    Not Sure

    I have not used the tanning package yet. I am overwhelmed and a beginner. The instructions provided sound simple, but when I looked further on the website, so many confusing tips, it makes a beginner feel like it's way too difficult to possibly work. There was no information provided in the order, other than what's on the labels. I'm nervous to try it now and definitely don't know when to try it.