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Total Tanning Package

This package comes with the biggest savings and everything you need to be tan from head-to-toe! Choose from our 10 or 14% DHA Professional Grade Self Tanning Mousse and apply with our soft, thick, Deluxe Applicator Mitt for a streak-free, even tan while protecting your hands. We take the scaries away from tanning your face with our gentle 8% DHA facial serum that is designed to replicate the natural tonal variance between your body and face. Quickly touch-up your tan and add up to a week of longevity with our Tan Extending Body Lotion. All products in this collection are free of fragrance, sulfates, parabens and, of course, cruelty free.


Who Should Buy It?
For the girl who needs everything, this package is stocked with a product for all your tanning needs. Tanning junkies love it because it takes care of their every need while novices praise it because it takes the guesswork out of the trickier areas to tan like your face and hands.
The GlowPro Difference
Our sunless tanning mousses contain a secondary, premium tanning ingredient called erythrulose that counteracts orange-tones and prolongs the life of the tan. They also contains an instant bronzer to guide your application and help you create a flawless, streak-free tan. Although the developed tan is a tropical glow, we intentionally designed the instant bronzer to be light to reduce the risk of transfer onto fabric.
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Ingredients/ Shelf Life
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Strength: 10% DHA

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Does not work at all. I applied it and didn’t shower for 10 hours and after I got out I was pale again. It washed right off

Best one yet

Best self tanner I've used yet!


Beautiful tan I love and will be buying again!

Carlie F
Best Long-Lasting Natural Tan

I have tried so many different self tanner brands over the years, but Glow Pro Tans is so far the only self tanner that lasts a long time! I love that it doesn’t transfer to my sheets or clothes. The color looks very pretty and natural. It also doesn’t have a strong smell either which is perfect. I’ve included before and after pictures in the same location and lighting so you can really see the difference!

Mary Claire Warren
Genuine Review from a Seasoned Self-Tanner

I was influenced to buy this after seeing a tik tok of a girl who was expressing this was the deepest, most concentrated self-tanner she had ever used. As a perpetually pale natural ginger, I was super interested and immediately and bought this package. I have been self-tanning for probably 10 years now (since high school) and I have literally tried it ALL. From $400 spray tans to $10 Jergans instant sun from the drug store - so I feel very well-equipped to review this. Here are the basics

-Super natural tan with a GREAT color. It's not orange, it didn't turn me green, just an overall great color for me.
-Little to NO staining. This was the by far the biggest perk for me. White is my favorite color to wear, but that is really rough for someone who self tans. Pretty much every other tanner I've ever used always rubs off on my sheets & clothes (even when I shower it off beforehand). The fact that this tanner dries SO quickly and doesn't stain ANYTHING made it an instant 4-star for me.

-This is not the "deepest tan you'll ever get." Honestly, it's probably my fault for falling for influencer marketing, but comparing this tan to my current holy grail (Loving Tan) - it's laughably less deep. This will not give you an instant "end-of-summer" deep Kardashian tan like others will.
-The lack of instant bronzer, while nice that it doesn't deceive you into thinking you're getting darker than you actually are, actually makes it kind of hard to see if you're missing a spot. Because I've self-tanned literally twice a week for 5 years straight, I didn't struggle, but I think if you're new to tanning, this would be REALLY hard to see if you missed a spot
-Besides the mit, I don't really think you need the kit. There are drugstore options of the faced serum (Ulta has a GREAT one for like $6) and the lotion (Jergans lol) that do the same thing, if not better.

Basically, I like this tanner. I don't think I'll repurchase because I run out of tan so quickly I usually just end up running to the store the day before I need it, so ordering online isn't ideal for me. If you're looking for an ULTRA DARK tan, skip this one. If you're a seasoned tanner who doesn't need the instant bronzer as a guide, this is a good natural option. I like that I found this in the winter, as it'll be a good off-season tan that doesn't look super fake. But if you're going on a holiday or looking to get really dark really quick, this isn't for you.