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6 Ways to Make Your Tan Last Longer

Everyone wants to know how long their tan will last, but the truth is, there is no universal answer. The results are heavily dependent on pre and post care but there are things you can to do increase its longevity. So what can you do to make your tan list? 


Exfoliate really well. Then exfoliate some more. I'm serious. Self tanner adheres to the outer layer of your skin cells- which are already dead- and dead skin falls off, which translates into your tan "fading." Start exfoliating heavily 2 days before you're applying tanner. This will get off any residual tan from your last application and prep your skin for the new tan. Save some money and skip the fancy scrubs here. In fact, some of the oils in them can leave behind a residue that actually hinders the tan adhering. Adding a teaspoon of baking soda to your regular body wash and using a loofah is the easiest way to exfoliate. Be sure to give your skin a few hours after showering to let the pH balance settle to a level best suited for self-tan development. Do not apply any lotions before tanning.



If you're tanning with GlowPro mousse, you have to use a mitt. Listen, I used to think they were an up-sell scheme too but they're 100% non-negotiable here just because of the formula strength. Your hands will be stained orange without one. Beyond that, a mitt is going to smooth and blend in a way that your hand isn't capable of. It's the best way to create a streak-free finish. Still unsure? GlowPro has a $5 bargain mitt for non-believers, but I bet you'll be upgrading to the deluxe mitt in no time.



The instant bronzer in our self tanning mousses aren't just for show. It's there so you can see where you've applied product and what areas you might have missed or need blending out (under arms, back of legs, etc). Give yourself a once-over before you put your mitt away to make sure you covered everything. It's also worth noting that streaks usually come from not using enough product. Your skin can only absorb so much product so you're better off to apply too much than too little. 



When you take your first post-tan shower, use luke warm water and gentle cleansers, if any at all. A simple rinse is my go-to because it washes off the color guide so you don't have to worry about transfer and gets rid of any self tanner smell. If you need to cleanse, avoid body washes that leave residue behind. Label's that boast "deeply moisturizing" are usually at the top of the offenders list here. The residue from the moisturizer can create a barrier preventing the tan from adhering or degrade tan that's already set. Basic, sulfate-free and mineral oil/petroleum-free products will do the job. 

Try: Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash $10.98 for 2



Remember how I talked about self tanner adhering to the outer layer of skin before? Keeping that layer of skin on for as long as possible is what will keep your tan going as long as possible. Self tanner's don't actually fade; the skin cells they've adhered to just fall off. Moisturizing with a light-weight lotion regularly will help you maximize the life of your faux glow. Choose a lotion that is mineral oil/petroleum-free and doesn't have any any exfoliants (tip-off: usually anything "acid" in the ingredient list).

Try: Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion $5.50



This is where I need to let you know that getting in the pool, ocean, bathtub, even heavy sweating will all shorten the life of your tan. Getting wet exacerbates the exfoliation process. But hey, life happens. I'm not avoiding the ocean because it might fade my tan and I wouldn't tell you to. In these cases, GlowPro's Tan Extending Lotion has your back. Boasting a whopping 6% DHA it'll give you the pick me up you need when your tan starts to fade.


There you have it, the keys to a week long (fake) tan. Want to pickup all the products I mentioned above in one quick swoop for a discount? Checkout GlowPro's Tanning Stack